I have imbalance in arm strength and lacks of force in one arm. Can I operate E-Move?

It is perfectly fine to run the E-Move then. We can customize the E-Move after your needs and remove the imbalance in arm strength. Contact your consultant or Decon to discuss about the possibilities.

Can I use the original wheels if I wish to do so?

Can I use the original wheels if I wish to do so?
Sure you can. What needs to be able to do this, is that you have the right axle in your conventional wheels. Because the adapter kit is mounted on the wheelchair frame, the wheels fits (probably) no longer because of the axle length is too short. Contact your provider and ask for the correct shaft length. On our website there are tutorials (go to "Products -> Other -> Axles") to determine the right length you need.

How many batteries the E-Move and I can use the chair while charging?


Can I change the presets of E-Drive?

Yes, it's possible. Contact your supplier. A technician can help you adapt the driving characteristics of E-Drive. It is not possible to do it yourself.

I need the attendant control to my E-Drive. Can I use a joystick as attendant controler?

Yes, it is possible to use the joystick as an attendant control. It can be placed both on the left or right side. The regular attendant control can only be mounted on the right side only.

Are anti-tippers standard?

Yes. Anti-tippers are standard equipment on E-Drive if you cannot use the wheelchair originals.


Can I use the E-Walk on several wheelchairs (eg at eldry homes)?

Yes, you can use the E-Walk on several wheelchairs

Do l need to buy another E-Walk when I get another chair?

No, you can order brackets for your new wheelchair instead.

Can E-Walk remain on charging when I don´t use the product?

Yes, this is possible and safe to do so.

Nu Drive

What´s the weight of NuDrive?

Wheel Adapters weighs 1 kg / piece, Lever unit weighs 1.5kg / piece, the total weight is 5kg for NuDrive.

Do I have to pick the NuDrive off when I want to use my wheels as usual?

No, the levers will remain in upright position due too small balance weights.

How do you break NuDrive?

Squeezing / pressure against the lever units will brake / slowdown NuDrive.


I can not run fast when I use Easy Wheel?

Easy Wheel is low speed wheels. It means you have twice as much power. Just because you can not reach such a high speed.


Stolen jag vill montera drivaggregatet på, finns inte med på adapter lista. Vad betyder detta?

Det betyder att vi inte har producerat den adapter hittills. Kontakta var kundtjänst på info@decon.se eller på 0345-40880. Vi kan undersöka om det är möjligt att ta fram adapter till din stol. Vanligt viss har vi mycket korta ledtider tills vi har nya adapter set. Det tar mellan 10-15 arbetsdagar innan vi har ritat, producerad och testad nya adaper. Om det klarar våra höga krav, då kommer vi leverera ut den nya adaptersatsen.

Om jag skall byta rullstol, måste jag köpa då ny drivaggregat?

Nej, det behövs inte. Du kan kontrollera ifall den rullstolen du skall byta till finns med på adapterlistan, ifall adapterset finns och batteriplaceringen är den samma så räcker det att beställa nytt adapterset. Om inte, ta du kontakt med vår kundtjänst på info@decon.se eller 0345-40880.

Är det svårt att montera adaptrar på stolens ram?

Nej. Adaptersats kommer med Svenska monteringsinstruktion med tydliga bilder. Du får inte mer material än du behöver. Enkelt och smidigt.

Hur lång tid tar det innan du har nya adaptrar färdiga?

Det tar mellan 10-15 arbetsdagar om det är teknisk möjligt och vi har tillgång till stolen eller ritningen.


Are there other colours available for Spiderwheels?

Standard there are 8 different colours.

I want to have it painted in a non-standard colour. Is that possible?

Yes, it's possible. If you want 1 pair in a special colour, please contact customer service and ask for a quote. If you order more than 12 pairs in a not standard color, then there are no extra costs.

Can I use Spiderwheel without any push rims?

Yes, it's possible. Thank design it is possible to drive the wheels through by using Spiderwheel's magnesium spokes.


On what type of chairs does Adventus fit?

Adventus fits on all wheelchairs with footrest

Do you need to have a reinforced footrest?

Please get in contact with your wheelchair supplier and ask if this is necessary.

How about foldable wheelchairs? Can I use Adventus on them as well?

Not at this moment, but we are working on a solution.

What´s the weight of Adventus?

Only 2.5 kg

Mountain wheel

Can I mount a mountain wheel on my wheelchair?

Yes. You can replace your existing wheels and begin to use Mountain wheel. In this case, it is important to choose the right axle for your chair. Go to "Products -> Other -> Axes" and read more information about how to find the right size of the needed axle.

I want to change to regular tires on my Mountain Wheel. It is possible?

You can't change the tyres because of the rim. Due too it's dimensions is it not possible to change to regular wheelchair tires. In this case we recommend to switch back to the original wheels and saves Mountain Wheel for later.