Frequently Asked Questions

  • The chair I want to mount the drive unit on, is not on the adapter list. What does this mean?

    It means that we have not produced the adapter so far. Contact Customer Service at info@decon.se or 0046 345-40880. We can examine whether it is possible to produce adapter to your chair. Usually we have some very short lead times until we have the new adapter set. It takes between 10-15 business days before we have designed, produced and tested new brackets.

  • If I change wheelchair do I have to replace my powered support solution as well?

    No, that is not necessary. To check whether the wheelchair, you should switch to appear is in the adapter list, if available adapter set and battery placement is the same as it is sufficient to order new adapter set. If not, you can contact our customer service at info@decon.se or 0046 345-40880.

  • Is it difficult to mount brackets on the wheelchairs frame?

    No, it is not. All brackets comes with clear mounting instruction in English. Please follow the instructions carefully and you soon will enjoy the new configuration!

  • How long does it takes Decon to have new brackets available?

    It will normally take up between 10-15 business days.




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