Frequently Asked Questions

  • Spiderwheel

    • Are there other colours available for Spiderwheels?

      Standard there are 8 different colours.

    • I want to have it painted in a non-standard colour. Is that possible?

      Yes, it's possible. If you want 1 pair in a special colour, please contact customer service and ask for a quote. If you order more than 12 pairs in a not standard color, then there are no extra costs.

    • Can I use Spiderwheel without any push rims?

      Yes, it's possible. Thank design it is possible to drive the wheels through by using Spiderwheel's magnesium spokes.

  • Adventus

    • On what type of chairs does Adventus fit?

      Adventus fits on all wheelchairs with footrest

    • Do you need to have a reinforced footrest?

      Please get in contact with your wheelchair supplier and ask if this is necessary.

    • How about foldable wheelchairs? Can I use Adventus on them as well?

      Not at this moment, but we are working on a solution.

    • What´s the weight of Adventus?

      Only 2.5 kg

  • Mountain Wheel

    • Can I mount a mountain wheel on my wheelchair?

      Yes. You can replace your existing wheels and begin to use Mountain wheel. In this case, it is important to choose the right axle for your chair. Go to "Products -> Other -> Axes" and read more information about how to find the right size of the needed axle.

    • I want to change to regular tires on my Mountain Wheel. It is possible?

      You can't change the tyres because of the rim. Due too it's dimensions is it not possible to change to regular wheelchair tires. In this case we recommend to switch back to the original wheels and saves Mountain Wheel for later.




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