Push rim controlled drive unit

E-Move is the market’s first push rim controlled drive unit that can be adapted to the user’s actual needs. The user simply has to drive as straight as possible for a maximum of 50 seconds. With one click of the programming software, E-Move recommends the optimum settings for the user. Small adjustments can easily be made to the parameters if required. Whether the user has disbalanced arm strength, can use only one arm, is in need for (different) sensitivity in either push rim, additional power either forwards or backwards or turning sensiti vity, it is very simple to customise. The “second driver profile” option allows users to easily change the product’s driving characteristics. Any changes that the user needs can be assigned to this function so it is not just “indoor” or “outdoor”.

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AC servomotor, 24V 110W x 2


NiMH, 24 V, 6.7 Ah, (160.8 Wh) Li-ion, 25 V, 11.8 Ah (280 Wh)


7 kg

Total weight

NiMh, 17 kg Li-ion, 18 kg

Increase in chair width

Max 1.8 cm/side

Wheel dimensions

20”, 22”, 24”, 25” or 26”

Air pressure

6 Bar, 600 kPa


0–6 km/h

Maximum range with fully charged battery

Approx. 20km med NiMH, Approx. 35km with Li-ion, in accordance with ISO 7176-4


30A (flat)

Max user weight

130 kg

Max user weight “Heavy-duty”

150 kg

Max gradient

6 degrees

CE mark

Complies with EU-Directive 93/42/EEC

User instructions

See the user manual

Battery charger

100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz

Estimated effect

37V 26A (when charging)

Rated power charging time

Normal charging time approx. 2–3 hours

What do I get when I order E-Move?

motor-driven wheels in one of the following sizes: 20”, 22”, 24”, 25” or 26”

2 stainless steel push rims

On/off butt on on the right

Programmable aft er unique individual needs:
- Extra power forward (0-100%)
- Extra power backward (60-100%)
- Turning sensiti vity
- Hemiplegic (one hand operation)
- Sensitivity in left push rim
- Sensitivity in right push rim
- Balance arm strength misbalance
- Speed limit extra power on 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 km/h

Battery and battery charger

A battery case is included when you choose a battery to fit under
the seat or behind the seat back.

User manual

2-year warranty

Order checklist

For a list of standard equipment, see “Trade description”

If you want to order an E-Move with push rims or tyres which are not standard equipment,
simply enter the part number and we will automatically amend the price

Order the brackets you need. If the bracket you need is not shown on the website, please
contact us

Check whether there any accessories that you would like

If you want to change the standard battery position, you can specify the battery position you
want on the order

Check your order confirmation and if anything is incorrect or unclear, please contact us

When your products are delivered, please check the packaging for damage. If you find any
damage, please contact us prior you sign to confirm that you have received the products

Read PDF for more detailed information about product.