Freedom at hand

The Liberty product series offers the possibility to save both time and energy through the comfort of using your regular wheelchair to traverse longer distances than one might do by hand. Once at the intended destination you have the liberty to detach the product, allowing the wheelchair to be used in a regular fashion.

Ensuring maximal mobility and flexibility – both when you want to make a quick visit at the store or attend your child’s after-school activities. This allows you to reach places which might otherwise be out of reach with a regular wheelchair.


Liberty City

Liberty City reduces the risk of wear and tear which is common among usage of manual wheelchairs without inherent electric driving. The City model is the entry level version within the Liberty series. It comes equipped with 16” wheels, an anti-spin feature, as well as manual docking. The chassis comes in white, whereas the attachable weights are colored black.

Liberty Cross

Liberty Cross is the newest model in the Liberty family. The difference to the Liberty City model is the suspension of the front wheel, which makes driving on forest trails or dirt roads more comfortable.

Liberty Kids

The more playful Liberty Kids comes with 16” wheels, an anti-spin feature, as well as manual docking. This Liberty variation is available in custom colors and comes with a variety of selectable sound profiles in the personal driver’s settings.

Liberty Accessoires

Choose from a number of accessories to make your Liberty unique and to equip it according to your needs.
We offer a lot different accessoires such as: shoppingbags, baskets, mobile carriers and package holders. To give Liberty a personal touch, you can choose your own color.

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Brushless PM motor 500W


Li-Ion 48V, 10Ah (480 Wh)

Total weight

Liberty City 30kg, Liberty Kids 30kg incl. battery (3kg)

Wheel sizes


Maximum range with fully charged batteries

45km **


Electronic (20A)

Maximum user weight

150 kg

Maximum gradient

10 degrees***

CE mark

In accordance with EU Directive 93/42/EEC

User instructions

See user manual

Battery charger

100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz

Rated power charging time

Normal charge approximately 3–4 hours

What do I get when I order a Liberty

A Liberty City or a Kids unit with 16” wheel size

Touch display with a built-in speaker

Interface med 3 profiles:

Following settings can be changed in the personal profile
- Max. acceleration (0-100%)
- Max. speed (0-100%)
- Motor braking (0-100%)
- Antispin (on/off)
Dual hydraulic brakes with 200mm disc

Front light

Battery and charger

English manual

2 years warranty

Liberty Kids: Option to customise the look and sound profiles in the personal driving profile.

Order checklist

For standard equipment see “What do I get when I order Liberty”.

If you want to order a Liberty with non-standard tyres, specify the item number and we will automatically correct the price.

Order the necessary adapter.

If you cannot find the adapter in this catalogue, see our website for updated information.

Contact us if you cannot find the information you are looking for on the website.

Investigate whether there are any accessories you would like.

Check your order confirmation, if something is incorrect or unclear – please contact us immediately.

When you receive your products, please check the packaging for damage. In such case, contact us before you sign for receipt of the products.

Read PDF for more detailed information about product.