Digital Seminars

Do you want to know more about products or programming or are you interested in a deep dive in a special area, e.g. programming via the App, new products, or a special product?

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We offer 6 days for training via Zoom!

There are 4 different time sections for every date to choose from. Estimated time per session is approx 1 ½ hour. Then there is plenty of time for you to ask questions 

or get a real deep dive into certain products. All sessions will be tailored to your wishes and what you want to learn more about.


How to register for the digital training:

  1. Pick a date and time in the calender and make a booking
  2. Min. number of participants 1 😊 there is no limit, you are welcome to join in a group or join from different places (homeoffices)
  3. Write in the notice field what training theme you are interested in


NOTE! are you interested in several parts / educations, feel free to book two times, so we have plenty of time to go deeper.


Days for training:

✅ 20:e April

✅ 5:e May

✅ 6:e May

✅ 17:e May

✅ 18:e May

✅ 19:e May


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